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5 Lessons in Life and Business to Learn

When I started KAS Placement (marketing executive search firm sales), I was 25 and very inexperienced and when the recruiting firm began to grow at a much faster pace than anyone expected, I had to learn mass amounts just to keep up.


The majority of this learning came from a few places which were analyzing my successes, analyzing my failures, reading as well as from a mentor I had when I started by the name of Harvey Cohen who, among being a great executive recruiter who at one point owned 7 recruiting firms, was in the Karate Hall of Fame and an exceptional magician who was also a mentor to David Blaine.


When Harvey died of pancreatic cancer about 3.5 years ago, I found myself stumbling for a bit with a series of failures for a few months.  Resiliency and hard work proved to be key and now I am able to successfully run a great sales recruiting company at a young age.  Here are some of the things that I’ve learned since starting KAS in 2005:


1. Save money – When I first stated my recruitment agency, I worked like a madman putting in roughly 18 hour days to compensate for my lack of experience, name recognition and young age and it began paying off.  Though, I never saved.   I spent about 3months’ salary on a Rolex within 6 months of starting the recruiting firm.


Then, when Harvey died I had a streak on being unlucky as depression combined with a perceived dependence on someone who could never return made me very fatigued.  The spending almost caught up to me at this period and I found myself having to dig myself out of mass amounts of debt and expenses.


The problem was not being effective at recruiting because I work tenaciously, but it was the stress that came with the financial burden which is not a feeling that I wish on anyone else.  The moral here is as simplistic as it is important to performance: save money.


2. Regardless of the economy, we are lucky enough to live in a country in which hard work translates into success – One of the lessons that my mother always preached to me when I was younger was to be grateful that we live in a country where you can get ahead.  She would tell me how fortunate I was just to be born here.


I have spoken to some job seekers who have had bad times and simply fold in their cards and begin to have the outlook that their actions don’t matter and they won’t see success regardless of actions.  Not true.  While the economy is not always ideal, work with what you have and be grateful and take advantage of the fact that you are the master of your own fate.  continued here.



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