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Getting a Job at the Right Company

You Only Live Once….

What role does our job play in our lives?  Well, running a marketing recruiting firm, I know that a big part of our happiness lies in our work as it consumes such a big part of our day and often comes home with us either in the form of stress, jubilation or other.  While we leave work everyday, seemingly work doesn’t leave us.  Therefore, why not assume that it is  nothing short of imperative that you get a job at the right company?


Employees who fail to do so pay a grave price.  Not only are these individual workers unhappier day to day, but research has shown that people who do not like their jobs tend to die earlier than those who have positions that offer growth and above average responsibilities (notice pay is not one of the bigger criteria, though money always matters…let’s not kid ourselves).  So, now that we understand its importance, how to we implement the necessary practices to ensure that we choose and get the right job?

"ken sundheim, kas placement recruiters"

Ken Sundheim, CEO of KAS Placement at the Knicks vs. Blazers game 1/1/13.


It’s a complex situation that must be taken very seriously.  Running a sales and marketing recruiter firm, Below, you’ll find a few of the criteria I as well as our headhunters like to use as well as some interviewing tips that should land you the position you want at the right company.  Enjoy!


Is It the Product or Service?


Our NY recruitment team comes from the standpoint that it is not a product or service that should sway anybody in choosing a company to work for, rather it’s the ambition of the firm, the passion of the people, the ability for recognition and the atmosphere of collaboration that the company provides.


"money in corporate america"


About 4 – 6 hiring companies from all over the U.S. and world on a daily basis come to our recruitment and staffing organization looking for us to find them employees; we reject many.  It’s in our opinion that good is the enemy of great and if we are going to provide our job seekers with better careers, we have to be selective on both ends.


On a macro sense, most companies are looking for 3 things.  Leverage this knowledge and you’re two steps ahead of the game.


1. Employers want someone who wants to enjoy where they work; they want an employee who can work towards the greater good of a company and understand that they will be rewarded for doing so.  Understanding self-less behavior in business is the first route to becoming wealthy.  Leaders are self-less…or the real ones are.


"ken sundheim"

Ken Sundheim is the CEO of KAS Placement an executive search firm based out of NYC.


2. Hiring organizations need someone resilient and always determined to do what it takes to achieve the goals that both they and their employing company / organization set forth.  Any good firm worth working at can be defined as a really ambitious firm that realizes that good to great never happens overnight, rather good to great does by inches are those inches are made via having employees who enjoy their job and who work diligently.


3. Someone who can become a leader; you want to work at a firm that has a ferocious resolve to build their employees and retain them, for that reason, any good hiring company would want someone who is convinced that if they take the proper steps and gain the self-discipline and learning needed, and that they too can become a leader.


In the End


To keep it brief, if you can provide these hiring managers as well as recruiting organizations with the above and sincerely convince them that you are what they are looking for, you should have a job offer and great company to work for.  Happy hunting!




Ken Sundheim on Google+ is the CEO, Alison Ringo Google+ is the Managing Director of KAS Placement a sales and marketing executive search firm specializing in the recruitment of personnel for companies of all sizes both in the U.S. and internationally.  Sundheim started the organization in 2005 based on the premise that better recruiters do exist.



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