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Sales in Today’s Corporate America: Defining Salesman vs. Business Professionals

"money in corporate america"

If people 50 years ago saw how cut-throat and competitive today’s business environment is, the majority would become school teachers.  A lagging poor economy combined, intense globalization due to the internet as well as brick and mortar buildings under heavy stress to compete with the likes of Amazon have given most business professionals, entrepreneurs and salesmen / saleswomen a broken toe before they even begin the race.


It’s hard to argue that the internet has flooded nearly every industry almost like a vicious hurricane and when combined with a growing population in the U.S., metaphorically it seems that there is less game to hunt and more starving predators. Less to eat means some hunters will play unfairly.


When this happens, many business professionals will let ethical standards loosen and, instead of being business professionals, turn into salesman willing to say or do anything to get business at any price.  More so than the economy and bigger than the threat posed by the internet, these salesman prove to be a big hurdle for many competing firms that wish to keep their business practices clean.


"Alison Ringo Entrepreneur"

Above, Managing Director Alison Ringo discusses recruiting with graduates of New York Institute of Technology


What is the big hurdle?  Well, just as previously stated, businesses will foul mouth one another, give unrealistic promises and / or pricing to an extent that many buyers end up getting suckered (wish there were a better way to put it).  Once they do, they turn away from the industry for years to come unwilling to do business with anyone in the space even if it means forgoing certain business objectives for an extended period of time.  The Houston recruiters in the staffing industry are no different, but I pay no heed.


How Do You Beat the Salesman


Before you can become a business professional, you have to have the mindset that salesmen will always exist.  Right now, they are higher in number, but it’s not the end of the world.  You must continue your ways because only stupid people get suckered in by salesmen – it’s a bird of a feather rule.  Never forget that.


While more will get suckered in than usual, you simply have to deal with that.  Smart business professionals know that the smartest people will see these guys for who they are and will give you much higher volume, continual business rewarding your ethical and upfront approach.  Though, you must believe this to be true in order to stay the course.


"ken sundheim kas placement"

Above, Ken Sundheim, CEO of KAS Placement discusses entrepreneurship with graduates from New York University’s Stern School of Business.


Stay above the fray.  When you get down and dirty with salesmen, it’s an ugly place that they live and sinking to their level doesn’t make you a business professional, but rather it makes you manipulative (a trigger of depression meaning these guys are much more unhappy with their state than you will ever be as a business professional) and it’s hard to be happy once you leave work.


In the End


The test of any man or women is whether they can do the right thing when everyone is doing the wrong thing.  While corporate America may be doing wrong, stand-up for what’s good and you’ll stand the test of time.  Salesmen always fall, it’s just today it takes a little longer.


A Better Career in 2013


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If this is your hero, you might be a salesman…maybe.


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