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Sales in Today’s Corporate America: Defining Salesman vs. Business Professionals

If people 50 years ago saw how cut-throat and competitive today's business environment is, the majority would become school teachers. A lagging poor economy combined, intense globalization due to the internet as well as brick and mortar buildings under heavy stress to compete with the likes of Amazon have given most business professionals, entrepreneurs and salesmen / saleswomen a broken toe before they even begin the race.

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If Your Manager Can’t Do It…4 Steps to Get a Promotion

When asking for a promotion, timing is is taking the proper steps. One by one, here is how to set yourself up for getting a raise.

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Why Do You Want to Leave Your Company?

When asked, “Why do you want to leave your company, many job seekers have trouble answering. To give you some help, the KAS Placement Los Angeles recruiters have some answers:

1. Our balance sheet is hurting, cash flow is hurting, the expenses are too high and that stresses people out and when people are stressed, they don’t perform well. This is not changing b/c the company keeps spending on aspects that are not generating revenue.

– There is always money to be had if you look in the right places and you do have to get to some of the wrong places to get there, but once you hit a “wrong place” you have to look at it as one step closer to a solution rather than a stagnation. There is no substitute for profit.

2. The best companies encourage team work and candor. Many times, the culture is just individualized, thus no good ideas are thrown around and there’s no feedback on how everyone’s doing.

3. There’s no substitute for hard work; it solves problems and achieves goals. Right now, I need profit driven company to work at which realizes this.

– The best companies look at setbacks as temporary and challenges to be overcome.

4. Our selling style has been too aggressive lately and this is based on our cash flow shortage which is hurting management of the sales cycle and thinking about what the clients rather than what we need as a company which is feeding our balance sheet asap.

– Sales is about customer service and meeting needs and that’s what closes deals.

– Segment your customers into 3 lists:

“A” – customers who take up the most time, but pay the most bills for you. They’re strategically and financially critical to your business.

“B” – customers who pay their bill on time, you don’t hear from much, but they don’t demand too much.

“C” – doesn’t have the most money, but needs the most attention and doesn’t pay on time.

While you want to remember to only use these when they are accurate, using them will only make you interview better.


5 Things That Will Happen To Any Entrepreneur

5 Things That Will Happen to Any Entrepreneur

1. Sales fluctuations – In business, regardless if you’re an attorney or an entrepreneur running a sales recruiting firm (executive recruiters Los Angeles), the best salesman / saleswomen win in business.

You’ll begin to notice that every now and again, your client base’s needs shift as do their concerns and the best entrepreneurs can sniff that out and alter their sales and marketing accordingly.

Those who get too comfortable with what worked yesterday find themselves full of frustration and devoid of business capital.

2. A changing environment – It’s going to happen. Every business and every industry changes – it always seems to when everything is almost too comfortable.

As young entrepreneurs, when confronted with this situation, the change must be embraced rather than fought. When the recruiting industry started to change due to social media, I was given the option to adapt or to take a big hit.

Adaptation is part of being a successful entrepreneur – note: adaptation is easier if you see the changes around the cornet, but nevertheless you must go with the flow.

"ken sundheim, executive recruiters"

3. Self-doubt – Business has ups and downs. During the downs, we think we are a lot worse than we are and during the ups and always perform above average due to the confidence increase.

As an entrepreneur, you must learn when you are feeling this self-doubt and gauge how realistic your feelings are; self-doubt leads to nervousness which kills performance. Know your triggers and what is making you feel that way.

For instance, I always know I’m in a down mood when I begin eating unhealthy for a week or so and, knowing this trigger, I pick myself up and go to the gym. Resiliency and going through the motions will overcome self-doubt…that is, if it’s combined with hard work.

4. Mistakes, mistakes and more mistakes – When you’re young and running a business, the first year or so is going to be chalk full of mistakes…here’s the secret: we all know step one which is to learn from our mistakes (the obvious), but step two which is just as important is to not get down on ourselves for making them.

Beating yourself up for mistakes that are due to a lack of experience when starting a business is similar to beating yourself up for inevitable events that are out of your control. Write them off and move on.

5. You will find times of true enjoyment – Running a business is very difficult. The work is highly demanding, the amount of creativity needed is infinite, but so is the payoff which comes in the form of enjoyment and fulfillment in what one does and what we accomplish.

I’ve always found that if you work through the bad times and keep on going, luck eventually sways your way. You can be wrong more than you are right, but if you work through the mistakes and can jump the hurdles rather than fold, you’ll love what you do.

Ken Sundheim started KAS Placement Recruitment in 2005, a recruiting firm specializing in sales and marketing recruitment.

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