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How to Get Along with a Difficult Boss

ken sundheim, headhunters

How to Get Along with a Difficult Boss


Running a NYC, LA and Boston headhunting agency, I often come across job seekers who are having trouble with a difficult boss and don’t know how to handle the situation. While some managers can be a real pain, our executive headhunters have come up with a few ways to improve the relationship between your manager and yourself.


1. Don’t take it personally. If a manager is being hard on you, separate any personal feelings about it. Try to step back and see things from that individual’s perspective. If the boss hated you that much, you would not have been hired in the first place. Rather, you should analyze other reasons regarding you two not getting along.


2. Brush it off. If a manager is a pain, just don’t let it get to you. You have the choice of whether or not you play into it. Listen to what he or she says, but in a sense ignore everything else.



3. Realize that it may be issues outside of work that the person is having. When under a lot of personal stress (whether it be relationship based, financial, etc.) they tend to bring that stress over to other aspects of their life.


Unfortunately, as the subordinate of this individual, you are going to have to bear the brunt of his / her personal mishaps, but instead of getting angry about it, ignore it and a little empathy never hurt anyone.


4. Realize that this person is not going to be your boss forever. I know that it may seem this way, but if you work hard and continue to learn what you need to learn, you’ll get a new job eventually.


In the End


Do your best to maintain the strongest relationship possible with this individual. After all, you don’t want to be one reference down when applying to your next job.


Video: Ken Sundheim CEO of KAS Placement discusses choosing the right headhunter to work with.

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