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5 Reasons You’re Not Getting the Job You Want 2

Not Getting the Job You Want

Article Continued – 1st part of 5 Reasons You’re Not Getting the Job You Want



3. Overemphasis on Networking – Because I’ve worked very hard at opening my staffing agency, I’ve been invited to meet a lot of individuals who, on the surface would be tremendous contacts for some people.



That is, unless you forget the #1 rule of human nature which is people are only interested in what you can do for them. Unless it’s a family member, don’t count on networking your way to a successful career; you’re wasting your time.



This is a significant reason as to why you’re not getting the job you want.  Just remember, while you’re out socializing, somewhere someone is putting in the required work to find that difficult job and their skill set will outrank your networking abilities as nobody is going to pay you to socialize.



"not getting the job you want"



4. Failure to Gain the Necessary Skills – Just because you don’t have every little skill or experience that the employer is asking for doesn’t mean that you can’t learn these skills prior to applying and, thus be able to put them on your resume without lying.


All it takes is some good ‘ol fashion staying. After years of running my staffing firm, as a New York City recruiter I’ve only seen a few cases where a job seeker has a 100% of the requirements listed on the job description and, when they did those job seekers were overqualified for the position.


Part of the reason you’re not getting the job you want is that instead of doing the legwork to gain the necessary skills, you pass over the job opening, thus creating an unnecessary roadblock in your quest for a better career.


5. Failure to Remain Resilient – Anything worthwhile in life is going to require some sort of fight. If you look at just about any movie, the storyline revolves a protagonist that must overcome some sort of obstacle.


Being able to remain resilient and keep a positive attitude during your search for a career is not only important, it is imperative to your success. Our New York recruiters frequently comes across job seekers who were recently laid-off and who subsequently gave up working to regain their career.


Although tough times will happen to all of us with regards to both our personal and professional lives, the most successful individuals who end up getting what they want also tend to be the most resilient. Know that rejection is part of the game and never expect everything to go as planned.


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