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5 Important Facets of Business

Even the best business owners mull over the things that they are doing correctly and the areas in which they can improve upon; improvements and consistent growth are conducive to a successful career.


Therefore, it’s important to touch on a few things that should be taken into consideration for any level of business owner:


1. Don’t have regrets, rather have learning experiences – Many times, when we make mistakes as business professionals, we tend to get down on ourselves too much and get overly pessimistic regretting our actions that probably were not as bad as we think they were.


In business, the name of the game is to learn. Being overly tough on yourself does nothing to solve the problem the next time around.


2. If you dream, you can do – Sometimes, the only things that prevent us from becoming truly great is the lack of confidence and vision that we possess. This is as opposed to intelligence or our perceived natural ability.


It took Thomas Edison and Henry Ford more than one try, but like many others who have achieved great things, they kept at it and relentlessly pursued their dreams.


3. The money comes only if you don’t prioritize it – The best business professionals are not driven by money, rather they are driven by the love of what they do. When we are fully engaged in our everyday work, the money naturally flows in.


Conversely, when all we think about is how much money we are making, our abilities become hindered by a motivation that is not sincere.


4. Things come in due time, don’t push – Many business professionals are impatient which is a natural human thought process, however the business professional’s actions become overly pushy which gives an outward appearance that seems too eager and can appear fake.


Have faith that when it is time and if you work towards your goals, they are going to happen. It may not be tomorrow, but the work will pay off.


5. Don’t judge as none of us are perfect – The best business professionals spend less time judging themselves and others and more time upgrading their skills. To focus on our own shortcomings or someone else’s doesn’t always put us in the best frame of mind.


If we quickly glance at all of our mistakes, we will surely find out that we are not perfect and therefore, should not expect others to be. While breaking this habit takes practice, it is well worth it.


In the End


Business professionals should want to consistently get better and, although improvement is tough, it is the price we have to pay to be successful. Keep at it as the rewards are well worth the work.

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Ken Sundheim is the CEO of KAS Placement marketing recruitment and is a known leader in the executive search world. When it comes to sales and marketing recruiting, sources like WSJ, NYTimes, Fox Business News, AOL, MSN, Chicago Tribune, BusinessInsider,, CBS MoneyWatch, MTV, San Francisco Chronicle, and many more look to Ken Sundheim for job search advice. Ken also helps recent college graduates find marketing jobs as a consulting function through KAS which can also be found on the KAS site.


How to Get Any Marketing Job You Want

Want to get any marketing job you want?  There is such high demand to get a position in marketing, but don’t fret as you can be very competitive in the market.  Remember that the more you learn, the more employers are going to want to hire you.


While you can’t be everything to everyone, you can come close if you begin to learn the some of the marketing tactics that I’ll touch upon in just a moment.  So, study, study and study some more as the time will be well spent.  Anything worthwhile takes work.


Without further ado, here are some of those skills:


– Digital marketing expertise – everyday, the web becomes more and more prevalent and has not even hit its peak yet.  What can be done on the web is nothing short of amazing and what we can learn to do on it as marketing professionals is nearly limitless.  Get good at this facet of marketing and you should be good to go!


Actually, you should be more than good; I think happily hired is a better term.


– PPC advertising model – PPC is an acronym for pay-per-click advertising which allows companies to advertise on search engines such as Google or Bing and it allows them to pick the keywords they want to advertise for and allows them to bid on how much they want to pay for each click.


The proper terminology for PPC is Google Adwords which is much more prevalent than Bing advertising as Google enjoys a much more significant market share.


Because this method proves easier than generic SEO (see below), many companies can use an employee (ref information re: why employers are not actively recruiting you) who can implement PPC.  Therefore, learning the marketing tactic will only add to the allure of hiring you.


You can learn more about this method by visiting the below links:


Generic search engine optimization / Ability to read analytics – generic search engine optimization is the ability to rank a website highly for particular Google and Bing searches and is very lucrative to just about any company and any industry.


As a matter of fact, many firms pay outside companies a significant amount of money to help them achieve high rankings and being able to allow a firm to bring this in-house due to your experience and knowledge should not only get you the job, but it should get you a significant pay raise as well.


Pictured above: MTVu VJ Carly Henderson was an awesome interviewer and had a great time, see Carly’s blog

Press release syndication – can you write a press release?  How effective are you with the media?  Being able to get your company’s name out to the press is highly important and is a great addition to any marketing resume.


Article marketing – also known as blogging, article marketing is one of the best ways that a firm can engage their target market.  Be able to write a great blog post and have the ability to share it with a significant amount of people and you’re well ahead of the pack.


Anyone can learn to be a great writer; if it’s any consolation, I never received a grade higher than a “B” in English throughout high school.


In the End


Marketing is so crucial to any company’s success and as the economy improves, the more demand there is going to be to hire individuals who know the above skills.  While there are more things that employers want out of marketing employees, start with these and once done, continue your education.


Remember, those who relentlessly pursue any job, achieve their desired results.
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About the Author

Ken Sundheim is the CEO of KAS marketing recruiting, a top executive search firm specializing in sales, sales management and marketing recruiting. Sundheim has been in the Chicago Tribune, Dow Jones, MSN, AOL, BusinessInsider and many more. You can get more of his articles via connecting with KAS on Facebook.

Why College Graduates Can’t Find a Job

How to Think Successfully

Both in business and in life, if you think you are ______, you eventually morph into that person.  In order to be successful as either an employee or a entrepreneurial business owner, you must gain a high self esteem coupled with a positive outlook on life.

For the majority of us, this is much easier said than it is put into daily practice.  Yet, putting a positive thinking mindset into your daily routine is one of the only ways you’re going to be able to end up a success.

As business professionals, entrepreneurs and small business owners, there are enough people doubting us externally, why doubt yourself internally?  Additionally, to think successfully, you must force yourself to overcome hurdles with the ability to continually bounce back (most of the time even stronger) when setbacks rear their ugly head.

Essentially, you can’t quit as quitting is an action that has a 0% success rate and that can lead to periods of high, painful and prolonged depression.  Moreover, to be able to think successfully, you must stop blaming yourself for every setback that happens and just pick up and keep on going.  Resulting emotions from constantly blaming oneself can include such things as extreme anger and / or anxiety which we all want to avoid.

Making More $?

As the owner of a headhunting firm, I can attest to the fact eople with a positive outlook and a high self-esteem will always make more money than the insecure, perpetually negative business professional.  As a matter of fact, the majority of raises / promotions given out in companies are awarded to those who are constantly bragging about their successes and selling themselves.

In the End

While the above seems great, there is a downside to the program.  This downside is that this type of successful thinking can not transform your career overnight, rather it takes a concerted effort to change.

Ken Sundheim is the CEO of KAS marketing recruiting an executive search firm specializing in recruiting sales, sales management headhunting and job candidate consulting.

23 Interviewing Tips That Will Get You the Job

1. Come prepared with questions, but be prepared to not to have to ask them.
2. Dig deep in a manner that is polite and unobtrusive.
3. Understand the concerns of the person sitting across from you.
4. Think about what the individual wants out of you as an employee.
5. Even if you get nervous, don’t get tough on yourself, rather just take a deep breath and gain composure.
6. If you don’t know the answer, don’t say that you don’t know, rather politely ask if you could do some research prior to answering that. Know that stupid people give answers to simply give answers.
7. Pace the interviewer in tone and speech rate. They speak fast, pick up the pace, otherwise, lay back.
8. Be polite. You’re a guest in their office. Show respect and you’ll get respect back.
9. Know your stuff, but don’t be a know-it-all.
10. Look over your resume and anticipate the questions being asked.

11. Don’t interrupt and if you do, regain composure and apologize, then move on.

12. Listen, don’t just stare at the person blankly.
13. Smile, be approachable unless the other person is 100% business.
14. Check that your cell phone is off and that your teeth are brushed.
15. When you ask questions, don’t make them demands, rather use inflection in your voice to infer, “Am I right or wrong here?”
16. Why be negative? No point. Successful interviewing is about being positive.
17. You can only control your actions, not the person across the table. Always keep your integrity.
18. Never lie. Never embellish. Be upfront and know that it is commendable to do so.
19. Sometimes things are not meant to be. Know that.
20. It’s better to interview for 5 good positions than 20 crap jobs.
21. When in doubt, go suit and tie.
22. Think before you speak.
23. If an interviewer begins to get tough with their questioning, don’t take it personally, it just means that they are a good interviewer.
Ken Sundheim is the CEO of KAS Placement, an executive search firm helping recruit top sales and marketing employees.

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