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Top 10 Small Biz Sales Tips


Running a small business or are you on the sales team? Looking to maximize your revenue and increase your close rate? While no sales tip is foolproof, here are some ways that any small business can better connect with the customer and outsmart the competition:


1. Know Who Your Customer Is – You can’t be everything to everyone. Sit down and determine which type of customer is most likely to yield the most revenue. The variables may be geographic or may be size of company.


You don’t know until you reflect on and analyze past accounts.


2. Don’t Look Desperate – Clients want to buy from sales professionals who are confident in their product. Appearing desperate or over-eager (construed the same way) will translate into you not backing a great product or service.


3. Be Upfront and Be Honest – Clients appreciate honesty. Always be upfront as a sales representative; this even holds true if you may miss an account. It pays off in the end.


4. Have Your Marketing All Set – By having your marketing all set, you are going to know how to approach the selling process. Use your marketing as a basis and stick within the bounds of that message.


5. Recruit the Right People – If you don’t have the right people, you can’t maximize your sales. Take sales recruiting very seriously and look for employees who feel the same way about improving their business development techniques.


6. Understand What Makes You Different – Every offering is unique, but not every sales rep. is. Before your next sale, make sure that you know what is beneficial about your product and, in a subtle manner get that point across.


7. Know Your Customer Concerns – Your customers are coming to you for a reason. What is that reason? Believe it or not, it’s not always on the surface. Dig and you should find something very lucrative.


Once the concern(s) are found, make sure that you meet them.


8. Listen – As a sales representative, you must listen contently to what your prospects are saying. If you can’t hear their problems, their needs or what they are looking for, you can’t properly be a problem solver.


9. Work the Extra Hours – The best sales representatives are not slick talkers, rather they are hard workers and know their business. Clients will always latch on to vendors who show that they are putting in the work.


10. Put Client Service at the Forefront – If you don’t care about your clients and servicing them, they are going to stop paying you to do so. It’s the basic law of sales. Produce and be attentive or someone else will.


In the End


While there are dozens upon dozens of business development tips out there for the small business, pick the ones that you are most comfortable with and make sure they are implemented flawlessly.


And, if it doesn’t work at first, try something else. Sales is a living, breathing thing.

Ken Sundheim is the CEO of KAS Placement a sales and marketing recruiting firm specializing in recruiting for companies of all sizes. For free resume giveaways and open jobs, connect with KAS on FB!


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