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How to Submit Your Resume to a Headhunter

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Everyday, nearly one hundred individuals from around the United States in sales, marketing and the media realm of all levels submit their resume into my staffing agency. EAch of these emails and their contents are looked at.


However, not each resume submission is created equal and here are some things that you can do to stand out from the crowd upon submitting your resume to any recruiting agency.

1. Make sure that you tailor your cover letter – When submitting your resume into a recruitment firm, treat it the same way you would an individual company and show the headhunter that you took the time to look over their site, open jobs and do some research on the recruitment company.


Although, this takes only minutes to complete, when executed you are ahead of nearly 75% of resume submissions that come across our desk. Again, it’s about 600 seconds of work that could potentially change your career and there is no reason why you should not be doing it.

2. Make your resume easy to read by doing the following – When formulating your resume, make it easy for the headhunter to read by adding bullet points and a brief summary on the top of your CV.


Remember that some of the most pertinent information you have could be on the bottom of your resume and you want to make sure that this information is read instead of having your CV tossed simply because that recruiting professional could not find what they needed at the top.


Moreover, to stress the important keyword phrases, some of the better resumes our recruitment agency receives has bold wording throughout the resume. For our sales and marketing headhunters, it just makes it easier to read.

3. Be polite and respectful – The best way to get someone to do something that you want is to make them want to do it. Working with headhunters is no different and approach with respect, be polite and follow any rules that the staffing agency has set forth for you to submit your resume.


Standing out means following the rules set forth by that recruitment firm (if any) as well as following the above resume submission tips, rather pushing them aside as if you were important and above the law.

In the End


If you are not doing the above now, take the time to alter accordingly. Recruiters need great resumes and they crave great applicants, but if you don’t show them that you have potential via your targeted resume and cover letter, that tree in the forrest will never be heard.


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